Apr 16, 2009

Next Weeks Photo Line Up!!

Some of my old fans should remember this set from my "Office Tramp" album!! This one goes out to all those fans of mine who dream of having a big set of boobs working in your office. Just stop by my site next Wednesday and take a "Load" off!!

I shot some video when we did this shoot and I am considering adding some of those clips along with the photos for next week!! I'm sure I have a clip or two that will bring a whole new meaning to the words "Office Machines"!

I am really happy with the site its cumming along slowly but surely. We have a couple of new girls on the site now, Amateur Michelle and the lovely Meoww!! Thanks ladies for signing up and adding your sexy photos to our ever growing collection!! To all my male friends and fans thanks for your support and conduct on the site. You have truly conducted yourselves as gentlemen!!

We added a new feature to the site last weekend call the Moods Block which can be found on both your Account page and your profile page!! You set your mood from the account page and other members can view your mood through your profile when they view it! I see some members have already start to use the feature.

Don't forget your Guestbooks!! Each user has one, the only way you know if yours has been signed it for you to go view it. Please if someone takes the time to sign yours return the favor and sign theirs. It only takes a few seconds and your well on your way!! Gifts are a great quick way to say hi!!

We will also soon be adding a points system to the site. Once we have it installed you can earn points for the actions you do on the site. From simply logging in to "Voting on Photos" the more you do on the site the more you will see your points increase. While I don't want to give anything away just yet you can expect these point will be of some worth to you in the very near future!!

I hope you all are having a good time at my new site. If you have any ideas on how we can make it better let me know and I will get my Admin "Ghost" working on it!!


Apr 9, 2009

Weekly Photo Post

Well as you can see a few of my Fire Fighter photos are now in the collection, a very special thanks to my good friend for providing the suit!! I have been asked by a few members if they will get to see more photos from the sets post in the collection? The answer to this question is yes!! While I only add between 5 and 7 photos each week, I will eventually complete a circle and get back to that set!!

I have well over 15,000 photo to date in over 60 different albums!! This means that fresh photos for a very long time. My next photo post will be from my "tied up" album featuring photos of some lite breast and body bondage.

I want to thank all of you for getting your profiles updated at the site, for those who have not please do as the admin will soon begin enforcing our TOS # 13 on all those users who are not in compliance.

While bustyctexsinchelle.com may seem like a single model site it is not!! This site was designed to be used by all its users, all of you are welcome to talk about any model you like, post photos of your favorite model and in general just have fun while your visiting. I always do my best to add to it what I can but in the end the more content you add the more we have at the site.
Thanks once again to all of you who have stop by and I look forward to hearing from you at the site very soon,


Apr 2, 2009

Busty Chelle's New Contest!!

I just want to say Hi and let everyone know that things are going great at my new site. For those of you who have not been there think of it as my space, my year book and adult friend finder all mixed into one!!

My webmaster is busting tail getting all the goodies set up and we already have quite a bit for you to do over at BustyCtexsinchelle.com. We are gathering up all the big boobs we can and feeding them into our site. I have also started a best site user profile contest where the winner will receive a autographed copy of my November 2008 issue of Gent Magazine.

My new site is 100% free. you do have to register to gain full access, it only takes a few minutes and you will be well on your way to booby heaven!! I post new photos every week along with a video clip every now and then. We have a game room, music and tons more to do. If you have some time stop by and say Hi hope to see you there.